GOAT talk

Many people believe Micheal Jordan is the NBA G.O.A.T, some people believe Lebron James is or Laker legend Kobe Bryant, may he rest in peace, or “oldheads” who are people young basketball athletes call old school ball players, think it is Magic, Kareem, and/or Larry Bird, in the future it could be Luka Doncic, Lamelo … Continue reading GOAT talk

NBA postseason prediction

So, alike my other two prediction stories on the MLB and NHL, the NBA playoffs are nearing soon. If the COVID-19 virus wasn’t around, I will be predicting who will win the NBA finals and the playoff seeding. The seeding falls like this. Eastern Conference 1st place- Milwaukee Bucks- 70-12 2nd place- Toronto Raptors- 61-21 … Continue reading NBA postseason prediction

MLB season predictions

So, since the MLB is on pause because of COVID-19 now is the perfect time to predict the MLB season. I think the American League will look like this AL East 1. New York Yankees- 119-43 2. Tampa Bay Rays- 87-75 3. Toronto Blue Jays- 79-83 4. Boston Red Sox- 63-99 5. Baltimore Orioles- 43-119 … Continue reading MLB season predictions